Rules & FAQs

  • Initial questions can be directed to your teams coach through Teamsnap messaging
  • If you have a question for a league administrator, please email or call 937-866-8999

Unfortunately, your account is with the TeamSnap company and not under our staff’s management. League organizers do not have access to confidential information such as usernames, passwords, or credit cards. Please follow their customer support links for password retrieval.

Yes – we will offer recreational all-star teams for all age groups 8U and older

  • We will have tryouts for Recreation All-Star teams the week of May 21-25
  • All Star Teams will have separate team practices in the weeks leading up to Recreation All-Star Tournaments
  • One coach from each age group will coach a rec all star team that will compete in tournaments starting at the end of June
  • Recreation All-Star teams will have 11-14 players per team
  • Individuals chosen for an all-star team will be given an all-star jersey to wear at tournament games
  • The MBSL Advisory Board exists as a forward-thinking group that functions as a sounding board for ideas and changes proposed by the MBSL Administration to further grow and improve the league. It is essentially a focus group of caring individuals that are willing to think through new ideas and rule updates for the league.
  • To be considered for the MBSL Advisory Board, please either reach out to a current member of the board or email
  • Umpires for MBSL are contracted through Home Field Instruction and Sarah Hardyman umpire group.
  • We always need more umpires, and you can be an umpire for our league as young as 14 years old. You can also request to only umpire games in your local community so travel to work is easy and simple as well.
  • To inquire about becoming an umpire, please email
  • Yes – We do offer a limited number of scholarships for individuals to play in the MBSL. To apply for a scholarship, please call 937-866-8999

Yes! Each additional child receives $10 off their registration.

  • 2 children from the same household equals a $10 discount
  • 3 children from the same household equals a $20 discount
  • Yes – individuals may play up an age division. Nobody is allowed to play down an age division.  Please email if you would like to request for your child to play up an age division.

Potentially – Some leagues do not receive enough registrations to play as a totally in-town league. Therefore, you may end up partnering with area leagues (West Carrollton, Springboro, Centerville, etc) to get enough games in the season. The final decision on partnering is made at the close of registration and based on registration numbers.

  • Teams at the TBall and 8U age groups will be formed by league administrators
  • Tball and 8U teams will be formed as equally and fairly as possible based on player age and playing experience
  • Teams in the 10U age divisions and older will have their teams formed by a player draft on March 18, 2023
    • The MBSL player draft is held that the end of registration. Volunteer coaches meet with other coaches of their age group and select players. Each coach is allowed 4 automatic picks. This includes their child. Automatic picks are capped at 4 to ensure a team cannot have an automatic infield. Coaches are provided names, ages, and the number of years a child has played. After the draft, staff double checks all rosters to make sure there were no errors. Those rosters are then published on TeamSnap.
  • At the Tball and 8U age groups, individuals may request to be on the same team for travel or family arrangements (for example – carpooling with a neighboring family or cousins/siblings on the same team)
  • To request to be on the same team as someone else, please email your request to or call 937-866-8999
  • At the 10U age group and older, team requests cannot be granted due to the nature of a player draft. If you want to ensure that you are on the same team as someone else, please sign up to be a volunteer coach of a team so that you can pick who is on your team.
  • Tball teams typically have 7-11 players on each team
  • Baseball and Softball Teams typically have 10-14 players on each team
  • Please note that the number of players on each team is very dependent on registration numbers. We will work to ensure that teams have equal numbers of players to give kids the most playing time possible while also having substitutes available for each team.
    • We strive to find the right balance of having just enough players on each team so everyone gets a good amount of playing time while also having some roster flexibility if some team members are unable to attend some games
  • Your child will need a bat and a glove
    • Your child is welcome to share a bat with others on the team as well
  • Each team will have batting helmets loaned out to the coach for use all season.
    • Your child is welcome to bring their own batting helmet as well
  • A jersey shirt, league hat, and socks are supplied in your child’s registration
  • Pants are available for purchase during the player registration
    • You are also welcome to supply your own baseball pants – black pants are recommended
  • We supply a set (Helmet, chest protector, shin guards, and glove) of catcher’s gear to each team (ages 8U and up) allowing the coach to give anyone the opportunity to play catcher.
    • Your child is welcome to bring their own catcher gear as well
  • It takes some time to get all of the teams organized into the proper teams and divisions.
  • Teams will be formed into Teamsnap during the week of March 20. Once the teams have been formed, you should hear from your coach shortly thereafter.
  • If you have not heard from your coach by March 25, please send a message to the league office at
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