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Ryan Davis Director 937-847-6473 Email
Kevin McKinney Parks & Facilities Superintendent 937-847-6645 Email
Aaron Stonecash Parks Supervisor 937-947-6645 Email
Mike Riley Parks Supervisor 937-847-6991 Email
Cary Harner Parks Crew Leader 937-847-6645 Email
Matt Wheeler Parks Crew Leader 937-847-6645 Email
Isaac Morton Facilities Supervisor 937-847-6645 Email
Sarah McPherson Recreation Operations Supervisor 937-847-6475 Email
Shelby Spurlock Community Center Manager 937-847-6471 Email
Sheila Russell Program & Events Supervisor 937-847-6670 Email
Stephanie Sercu Communications & Marketing Manager 937-847-6459 Email
Alison Longworth Recreation & Special Events Superintendent 937-866-8999 Email
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