FAQ Topic: MBSL FAQ Topics

Who do I contact if I have a problem or question?

Questions and concerns should first be brought to the coach’s attention. However, if they are unable to assist you, please email MBSL@cityofmiamisburg.com or feel free to leave a comment here:

Can you reset my TeamSnap Password?

Unfortunately, your account is with the TeamSnap company and not under our staff’s management. League organizers do not have access to confidential information such as usernames, passwords, or credit cards. Please follow their customer support links for password retrieval.

Does MBSL offer All Star Teams?

Yes! Information regarding Allstar tryouts is emailed out at the beginning of May. Be on the lookout for this opportunity in your inbox!

How do I join the MBSL Advisory Board?

The MBSL Advisory Board meets on a quarterly basis to review the recent past and upcoming events. These individuals serve 2-year terms and assist in providing feedback on the programs, facilities, and overall offerings of youth MBSL. As positions open on the board

How do I become an Umpire?

Youth umpire services are contracted through Homefield Instruction. You may contact them via their webpage at: https://www.homefieldinstruction.com/

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are available for low-income families. Please call 937-866-8999 for a copy of scholarship guidelines and an application for your family. Assistance can range from discounted registration fees to assistance outfitting your player with gear.

Can my child play-up an age division?

Yes! Children may play in older age divisions. No child will be permitted to play in a lower age division. Please feel free to email MBSL@cityofmiamisburg.com to request a deviation in playing age.

Will my child travel for games?

Possibly. Some leagues do not receive enough registrations to play as a totally in-town league. Therefore, you may end up partnering with area leagues to get enough games in the season. The final decision on partnering is made at the close of registration and based on registration numbers.

How does the draft work?

The MBSL player draft is held that the end of registration. Volunteer coaches meet with other coaches of their age group and select players. Each coach is allowed 4 automatic picks. This includes their child. Automatic picks are capped at 4 to ensure a team cannot have an automatic infield. Coaches are provided names, ages, … Continued

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