How are teams formed?

  • Teams at the TBall and 8U age groups will be formed by league administrators
  • Tball and 8U teams will be formed as equally and fairly as possible based on player age and playing experience
  • Teams in the 10U age divisions and older will have their teams formed by a player draft on March 18, 2023
    • The MBSL player draft is held that the end of registration. Volunteer coaches meet with other coaches of their age group and select players. Each coach is allowed 4 automatic picks. This includes their child. Automatic picks are capped at 4 to ensure a team cannot have an automatic infield. Coaches are provided names, ages, and the number of years a child has played. After the draft, staff double checks all rosters to make sure there were no errors. Those rosters are then published on TeamSnap.
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