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How are teams formed?

  • Teams at the TBall age group will be formed by league administrators
  • Tball teams will be formed as equally and fairly as possible based on player age and playing experience
  • Teams in the 8U age divisions and older will have their teams formed by a player draft on March 16, 2024
    • The MBSL player draft is held at the end of registration. Volunteer coaches meet with other coaches of their age group and select players. Each coach is allowed 4 automatic picks prior to the draft. This includes their child. Automatic picks are capped at 4 to ensure a team cannot have an automatic infield. If a team does not have 4 automatic picks, those teams will pick in sequential order until all teams have an equal number of players. Coaches are provided names, ages, and relevant playing experience that was provided during registration. After the draft, staff double checks all rosters to make sure there were no errors. Those rosters are then published on TeamSnap.
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