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FAQ Topic: Sycamore Trails Park FAQs

How is the project funded?

Grant funding through the state as well as community foundation fundraising is being utilized in addition to capital improvement funds from the city, zero dollars from the water/sewer fund can or will be used for park improvements.

What happens to disc golf?

The disc golf course will be impacted by a few holes. The intention is to work with disc golf professionals after a contractor is selected to ensure any changes to the course are for the better and can enhance the experience of disc golfers. Be on the lookout for how you can be involved in … Continued

Are there any plans for a better entrance?

Yes! One of the biggest drivers behind this project is to connect all three areas of Sycamore Trails Park (north, south and the pool) together through a safe roadway. The current entrance by 725/Heineke Road will be closed and a new entrance will be on Maue Road with a connection to the pool parking lot. … Continued

Will there be swings?

Yes! There will be infant and child swings in the north section of the park within the nature-themed playground. There will also be upgraded “tire” swings.

Will the creek be disturbed?

Very little. The creek will not be redirected in any way. There will be a bridge for the new road to travel over the creek. One side of the creek close to the new playground will be cleared out to provide safe access to the creek bed. This will only be one section of the … Continued

Will this still be a nature park?

Yes! Constuction plans include disturbing the least amount of nature possible to construct the new amenities in the park. Most updates will happen where current old amenities exist right now such as replacing the old tennis courts on Maue Road with a new parking lot and constructing a new restroom/shelter building close to the existing … Continued

What is happening with the pond?

Staff are currently working with consulting firms and will work with the contractor that is selected to assess the feasibility of reconstructing a pond in a different area within the north part of the park. More details on the pond will be available after bids come back and a contractor is selected.

Is the current playground on Maue Road going away?

The current playground on Maue Road that was installed in 2019 will be taken to Westover Park to replace the play equipment currently there. New playground equipment will be installed close to where the current parking lot is now.

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