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Sycamore Trails Render

Sycamore Trails Park, the City's largest, will be home to a major improvement project very soon. Known as the "gem" of Miamisburg, Sycamore Trails Park is the City's only "nature park" with nearly 75 acres of trails and forest. Sycamore Trails is also one the City's oldest parks. Home to shelters that have served generations of family reunions, birthday parties and gatherings, Sycamore Trails is connected to and the ground are home of the Sycamore Trails Aquatic Center, tennis courts, basketball court, and playground accessed off Maue Road. This project will bring these three distinct areas together, and provide updates that will serve many generations to come.

With an updated roadway that connects the three areas, the road access at the corner of Heincke and SR 725 will be removed and converted to a pedestrian only entrance. This will greatly improve the safety and access into the park. In addition, the roadway modifications will include additional parking in both the north and south ends of the park, as well as Sycamore Trails Aquatic Center.

Amenity updates to playgrounds, shelters and sports courts will bring new life and vitality to this park. The shelters in the northern portion of the park were built in 1972 and have served this community well. We are excited to bring updates and improvements to safety, access and play that will serve this City for generations to come.

The Sycamore Trails Disc Golf course will be redesigned as part of this improvement project. Help us redesign this course by taking a few minutes to provide your feedback through a survey. In approximately one month, we will have an update to provide about the course design with your feedback included in the planning process.

Click here to fill out the survey.

Sycamore Trails Park- North Section Details

Updated Playground

The new playground on the north side of Sycamore Trails park will be a nature theme with multiple amenities. Climbing ropes, infant and child swings, "log" tire swings, and a tower will be included in the design. The ground of the playground will match the new, bouncy playground surfacing at Riverfront Park, making this playground easy to travel onto for children of all abilities.

New Restroom/Shelter Structure

A new restroom building and shelter will be installed next to the playground. This new structure will have restrooms for 4 stalls and will be connected to a covered area with picnic tables and water fountains, perfect for parties and reunions.

New Connecting Road with Bridge

A new roadway with paved walking trail on the sides will be added to the park. This will allow for a safer entrance into the park (moving to Maue Road) and easier access to all parts of the park. A small bridge will be constructed to travel over the creek with as little disruption to the area as possible.

Sycamore Trails Park South- South Section Details

New Basketball Courts

Two new, full-sized basketball courts will be installed closest to the parking lot. These baksetball courts will have a fence surrounding them and be located next two a new bathroom/shelter with picnic tables.

Tennis & Pickleball Courts

Two new tennis and four new pickleball courts will be installed on the south section of Sycamore Trails Park. The tennis courts will have their own fenced area to keep any stray tennis balls inside the courts. The pickleball courts will also have their own area fenced in. Between the tennis and pickleball courts will be two shade structures and seating areas.

Adult Fitness Area

In this new adult fitness area up to 20 people can achieve a total body workout with a wide array of functional fitness training stations, including three types of overhead trainers with multivariate grip types. This equipment features options for users of all fitness levels and a sign with usage instructions and workout ideas.

Kids Fitness Area

This new kids fitness equipment is specially built for ages 5 to 12 and creates fun, exciting obstacle courses. Kids can jump, pull, swing, and balance across different parts of this fitness obstacle course playground.

Are there any plans for a better entrance?

Yes! One of the biggest drivers behind this project is to connect all three areas of Sycamore Trails Park (north, south and the pool) together through a safe roadway. The current entrance by 725/Heineke Road will be closed and a new entrance will be on Maue Road with a connection to the pool parking lot. This will allow for safer entrance and exit and allow better access for emergency response vehicles.

How is the project funded?

Grant funding through the state as well as community foundation fundraising is being utilized in addition to capital improvement funds from the city, zero dollars from the water/sewer fund can or will be used for park improvements.

Is the current playground on Maue Road going away?

The current playground on Maue Road that was installed in 2019 will be taken to Westover Park to replace the play equipment currently there. New playground equipment will be installed close to where the current parking lot is now.

What happens to disc golf?

The disc golf course will be impacted by a few holes. The intention is to work with disc golf professionals after a contractor is selected to ensure any changes to the course are for the better and can enhance the experience of disc golfers. Be on the lookout for how you can be involved in helping to decide the updates to the disc golf course.

What is happening with the pond?

Staff are currently working with consulting firms and will work with the contractor that is selected to assess the feasibility of reconstructing a pond in a different area within the north part of the park. More details on the pond will be available after bids come back and a contractor is selected.

Will the creek be disturbed?

Very little. The creek will not be redirected in any way. There will be a bridge for the new road to travel over the creek. One side of the creek close to the new playground will be cleared out to provide safe access to the creek bed. This will only be one section of the creek, not all of it.

Will there be swings?

Yes! There will be infant and child swings in the north section of the park within the nature-themed playground. There will also be upgraded “tire” swings.

Will this be an inclusive park with adaptive equipment?

Yes! The playground in the north part of the park will have a nature-themed playground with adaptive elements and a smooth, spongey playground surface.

Will this still be a nature park?

Yes! Constuction plans include disturbing the least amount of nature possible to construct the new amenities in the park. Most updates will happen where current old amenities exist right now such as replacing the old tennis courts on Maue Road with a new parking lot and constructing a new restroom/shelter building close to the existing restroom building on the north side.

Will trees be taken out of the park?

Yes but most of what is being taken out to allow for a road to be built is brush and overgrowth. There are some trees that must be removed.

Sycamore Trails Park Construction Updates

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