Mound Golf Course

*** Masks are now required inside the clubhouse by the Ohio Department of Health. You can read more about the current order by clicking HERE. ***


Mound is a charming 9-hole course adjacent to the famous Indian Mound landmark and enjoys a scenic location overlooking the City.  Mound hosts a number of leagues, sells reasonably priced season passes and offers an acclaimed junior golf program.

Open Now 


Hours of Operation:
  • 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily, weather permitting
2020 Rates:
  • Walking Rates
    • 9 Holes: $12
    • Member 9 Holes: $3
    • 18 Holes: $18
    • Member 18 Holes: $6


Is it safe to play golf during the COVID-19 pandemic? A.  Any activity comes with a degree of risk of exposure to COVID-19.  The current efforts to delay the spread of the virus infection do not provide 100% protection, in any situation.  Golf is considered a low-risk activity that lends itself well to the Social Distancing recommendations (minimum 6 feet).

How do I book my Tee Time? A.  It is highly recommend that you book over the phone by calling 937.866.2211 with credit or debit card.  This will expedite your check-in upon arrival at the course, reducing your exposure and the exposure of staff to virus transmission. You can reserve a tee time in the clubhouse.  To reduce the exchange of cash, please pay with debit or credit card.

Can I play in a group?  A.  No more than four golfers should be in a group on the course. All golfers must maintain a minimum of 6 ft. social distancing standards.

What are your policies on golf carts?  A.  Golf Carts will be available on a first come first serve basis on May 11. In the meantime, please walk the course, carry your bag or use a pull cart.

Am I require to wear a face mask or face covering?  A.  Face coverings are required inside the clubhouse at this time. Face coverings are not required outside if each person can social distance properly. More information on the current order can be read by clicking HERE. According to the CDC, wearing a mask or face covering while maintaining 6 ft physical distancing between others, helps slow the spread of the virus and helps people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.

Is the Clubhouse open? A.  The clubhouse is currently open from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.  Guests can purchase prepackage snacks, bottled drinks, golf merchandise and use the restrooms.  Staff have placed plexiglass barriers to prevent anyone from approaching the counters and ask that everyone maintains an increased distance from staff to protect them.  6 ft. markers are placed on the floor for your safety. Staff asks that you limit the number of people inside the clubhouse to four (4) people or fewer at any time.  If you see more than this inside, please wait until someone leaves before entering.  This is for your safety, the safety of others and the safety of the staff.

Are the Patio and Grille Open?  A.  The patio and kitchen are closed, but you may purchase pre-package snacks and bottled drinks for take-out only.  You cannot sit or eat inside the clubhouse or on the patio. 

Will beer be sold? A. Abiding by current State and County guidelines we cannot currently sell beer based on our license in relation to the current order.

 When will leagues start? A. Abiding by current State, County and local guidelines we cannot currently host leagues. League members can book tee times and pay individually while abiding by current guidelines.

 Are the outdoor (on course) restrooms open? A. Unfortunately, staff cannot monitor the use nor sanitize the on-course restrooms properly.  Therefore, they remain closed currently.  The restroom facilities in the clubhouse are open, but there is a limit of only one person in each restroom at a time.

Are the water fountains on? A. Unfortunately, staff cannot monitor the use nor sanitize the on-course water fountains properly. Please bring your own reusable water bottle on the course or purchase a bottle from the clubhouse.

What steps are you taking to make the golf experience safer? A. Golf is already an inherently low risk activity.  Staff have implemented changes to reduce the risk of golfers transmitting the virus to one another and to the staff.  These changes included revamping the check in process, safety protocol on the golf course to increased sanitation.

What can I do to protect myself while playing golf? A. Ultimately each of us needs to protect ourselves in this difficult environment.  The first step is always to maintain physical distancing guidelines of a minimum of 6 feet. However, we recommend that you increase that distance to at least double (12′) when possible and even fifty feet between members of your group and any other on the golf course.  The great news is there is plenty of space on the course to achieve this.  Additionally, you should treat everything you touch as potentially contaminated with the virus. This will help you avoid touching things that you really don’t need to touch. Wear a mask.  Wash and or sanitize your hands often. Do not gather in the parking lot or on the patio before or after play.