Rules & Regulations

The establishment of written park rules and regulations provide the general public with guidelines for the appropriate utilization of City parks, recreation areas, and facilities.

Section 1 – General Rules

  1. Parks open from sunrise to dusk unless posted otherwise.
  2. Parks may be closed due to weather and/or public safety emergencies.
  3. Areas under construction or renovation are not considered open until notification is given by the City.
  4. Scheduled use of park shelters and athletic facilities takes precedence over all other uses.
  5. Fishing permitted in designated areas only by those 15 years of age and under.
  6. Skateboards and BMX style bike activities are permitted in designated areas.
  7. Pets must be on a leash no more than eight feet long and must be kept under control.
  8. Persons must clean up after their pet(s) and must carry a device for this purpose.
  9. Trash generated in a park must be deposited in provided containers.
  10. Fires must be built in grills and attended at all times assuring that they are extinguished upon departure from the site.
  11. Park grounds may contain turf herbicides that will be marked with signage.

Section 2 – Permission from the City of Miamisburg Required Prior to Conducting the Following Activities:

  1. Use of parks before sunrise or after dusk.
  2. Commercial activities or sales.
  3. Special events, charging admission or soliciting funds.
  4. Erecting signs.
  5. Camping, use of open ring fires.

Section 3 – The Following Activities are not Permitted in Parks:

  1. Dangerous, disruptive, illegal, offensive or noisy actions affecting the safety, peace, family environment and good order of the parks and visitors.
  2. Swimming, ice skating, boating and golf, unless otherwise posted.
  3. Glass containers.
  4. Selling, consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages or drugs.
  5. Operating games of chance.
  6. Removal, damage or defacing of buildings, structures, natural features, plants, flowers and lawn areas.
  7. Discharging, throwing, or dropping any substance into park waters.
  8. Transporting or dumping materials in a park and depositing material into park dumpsters.
  9. Possession of any instrument that has the primary purpose of being used as a weapon.
  10. Using any instrument in a threatening manner.
  11. Fireworks or explosives.
  12. Motorized equipment or vehicles, used off designated roads and parking areas and/or operation of motorized vehicles above the posted speed limit.
  13. Leaving vehicles in parks overnight.
  14. Horseback riding.
  15. Downhill skiing and snowboarding.
  16. Hunting, trapping or endangering animals in any way.
  17. Abandoning animals in park areas.
  18. Loitering in the vicinity of restrooms, in cars or in other areas.


  1. Pets, bikes, skateboards and other activities may not be permitted in parks during events at the City Manager’s discretion.
  2. Acts and conduct of the City of Miamisburg employees or persons acting as agents of the City of Miamisburg, to the extent necessary for the performance of their authorized duties, shall be exempt from the provisions of the rules and regulations to parks.
  3. The City of Miamisburg, via City Council, the City Manager or designee, may, at its discretion, amend, exempt, or abrogate said rules and regulations upon review of requests, special conditions, or events.

Section 4 – Penalties

1. Any person who violates these rules can be charged with a criminal offense and may be ordered from the park by City of Miamisburg police or park officials, denied future access and be prosecuted accordingly pursuant to Section 1062.01 A and B of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Miamisburg.